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Depending on whom you want to believe, and depending on if you really love that cup of coffee, you can get your choice of reports regarding coffee and caffeine. In a recent French study at the French National Health Medical Institute a researcher discovered that "moderate amounts" of coffee consumed improved energy with minimal possibility of addiction. These researchers suggest that caffeine doesn't have any influence on the brain centers that might cause addiction. The only downside with this particular study is the fact that it had been done with rats! Which leads us to the question of exactly what is a moderate amount of caffeine for a rat?

In a separate study at Duke University Medical Center, researchers discovered that people (not rats with this one) who consume 4 to 5 cups of coffee each morning pushed their blood pressure higher in addition to raising their stress levels throughout the day into the evening. According to this study, just a moderate amount of coffee will make a person behave as if they are having a very stressful day. Therefore the real question is, "to drink, or not to drink". Your answer most likely depends upon whose study you believe and just how much you truly like coffee.

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